Most data supports that the major culprit in the formation of Multiple Sclerosis is the T-cell, which is a white blood cell that plays a key role in the immune system. These cells are named after the small organ – the thymus gland – where they are produced. In particular, MS is an immune-mediated autoimmune disease caused, in all probability, by a defect in regulatory T-cells: cells which regulate, or maintain order in the immune system, and suppress immune responses either by cell-cell contact or by secreting cytokines (proteins) to regulate the extent of potentially damaging inflammation to the tissues of the body. Unrestrained activation of effector T cells (normally controlled by regulatory T cells) allows them to produce pro-inflammatory cytokines and recruit other inflammatory immune cells to a tissue causing damage such as myelin injury as seen in MS. The consequence of inflammation in MS, in all probability, is a chronic neurodegenerative process called Progressive MS, which is an additional level of complexity that is being intensively investigated.

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Dr. Greenstein’s background in Neurology, Neuropathy, Virology and Immunology will allow him to use his skills to focus on the central problem of the cause of MS and to develop more effective treatments.

The goal of MSRI is to perform the highest quality research and to provide outstanding education about this research in the field of Multiple Sclerosis. The research is focused on unraveling the etiology of this devastating disease while bringing us closer to new, more efficacious treatments.

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I would like to welcome you to the first edition of FIND, STOP, CURE MS

I hope you will find this informative and thought provoking. I hope to amplify the various issues highlighted here in future editions.

Jeffrey Greenstein, M.D.
President, MSRI

Causes of MS
Facts surrounding MS
Science behind autoimmune disease
Science in the context of MS

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Jeffrey I. Greenstein, MD
President, MSRI

June 26, 2015

Dear Friend and Supporter,

I would like to give you an update on the research effort at MSRI, as well as some thoughts about MS which underlie the direction of research in this laboratory; and why I feel that what we are doing is really important to unearthing the cause of MS and advancing its treatment. You will find the first issue of our FIND, STOP, CURE MS newsletter enclosed. It is designed to keep you informed about MS and it will also give you an update on our research efforts at MSRI.

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The Multiple Sclerosis Research Institute (MSRI), a non-profit foundation founded by Dr. Jeffrey I. Greenstein, brings real hope and help to those affected by Multiple Sclerosis (MS) through:

  • Conducting basic laboratory research into the cause and development of MS.
  • Developing translational research — moving from the laboratory to clinical applications — to foster new and innovative treatments.
  • Providing MS education for the public including patients, caregivers, health care professionals, and MS specialists.

The MSRI is well-positioned to focus sharply on research and education in MS, unencumbered by the multiple academic or commercial demands of either universities or industrial enterprises. The flexibility of this stand-alone foundation allows for rapid change to adapt to the needs of the field.

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