Bringing hope and help to those affected by MS

The Multiple Sclerosis Research Institute (MSRI), a non-profit foundation founded by Dr. Jeffrey I. Greenstein, brings real hope and help to those affected by Multiple Sclerosis (MS) through:

  • Conducting basic laboratory research into the cause and development of MS.
  • Developing translational research — moving from the laboratory to clinical applications — to foster new and innovative treatments.
  • Providing MS education for the public including patients, caregivers, health care professionals, and MS specialists.

The MSRI is well-positioned to focus sharply on research and education in MS, unencumbered by the multiple academic or commercial demands of either universities or industrial enterprises. The flexibility of this stand-alone foundation allows for rapid change to adapt to the needs of the field.

Building on the work of such immunologists as Shimon Sakaguchi, Ethan Shevach, Alexander Rudensky and Fiona Powrie, the MSRI will explore the mysteries of T cells, a class of immune cells that seem to hold promise in suppressing dangerous immune responses. Such exploration could lead to new and unique treatments and therapies for MS and other immune diseases.

What was once considered “misguided research” is now promising ground for research. Dr. Greenstein and other researchers are optimistic about the results of T cell research. Much of the work of the MSRI will focus upon experiments that cull out specific T cell populations to suppress autoimmune responses.

The MSRI is challenged by a prediction made in 2004 by Dr. Sakaguchi: “Within 5 years, some clinical application of these cells will be here.” This, in part, is why the MSRI’s translational research is so important…the work of the laboratory needs to progress to clinical applications.

The MSRI is experiencing and exciting season of development and growth with newly created laboratory and the hiring of proper research personnel. As a full incorporated 501 (c)(3) non-profit foundation, the MSRI seeks funding from individuals, corporations, foundations, and other organizations to ensure appropriate facilities and staffing for significant MS research. Additionally, the MSRI seeks volunteers who will work to promote our well-defined mission to supporting entities.

Dr. Jeffrey I. Greenstein has always maintained parallel, aggressive scientific pursuits of clinical and basic MS research while caring for and treating patients and families for nearly three decades. He has participated in groundbreaking clinical research such as the development of Betaseron, the first therapy to treat MS, to the most recent therapy, Tysabri.

Additionally, Dr. Greenstein has actively participated in the education of medical students, residents, and MS specialists as well as other health care professionals and individuals with the disease. All of this experience gives Dr. Greenstein a broad scientific background to foster the development of a unique institution…the MSRI. And, after years of scientific investigation, he has discovered basic immunological mechanisms relevant to the cause of the disease which are driving this new venture.

Multiple Sclerosis Research Institute

Jeffrey I. Greenstein, M.D., President
Penn Treaty Park Place
1341 N. Delaware Ave Suite 213
Philadelphia PA 19125

Phone: 267-687-7027
Fax: 267-687-7466


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