Celebrity Hockey Event Video with Brian Propp and Riley Cote

MSRI First Annual Celebrity Hockey Event Video

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Announcer: Acceptance of the inevitable shudders even the mighty. Solace is found by depriving our consciousness of this certitude.

But some must gaze at fear daily because of its relentless circadian cues. That you can be fearless when fear is all you have, requires a resolve most will never know.

Only man can conceive of the gift of hope and the awakenings called miracles, both from heaven and from earth.

Dr. Greenstein could be one of those miracles that drives the stricken to continue their quest while strengthening their resolve.

Anita Warner: I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1984 at 16 years old and at the time, there was no medicine for the disease, and we were told to basically go home and don’t overexert ourselves.

Maria Alvino: I’ve lived with MS my whole life because my mother had MS. So, she was virtually paralyzed from her neck down for my entire life and she died before I was diagnosed with MS, so it was kind of a cruel joke.

I have primarily problems with my vision. That’s why I wear these prescription dark glasses.

I am very fortunate because it’s a time within medical research where there are so many different treatments that they just didn’t have. So, I’ve been on two different treatments and with Dr. Greenstein, and I’m doing whatever I can with his research to promote it, because I really believe he’s going to cure the disease.

Phyllis Quintois: I’ve been diagnosed about 25 years. I am 76 years old and I still work, and I still walk without any assistance, and I thank Dr. Greenstein for all of this.

Riley Cote: I have a sister that suffers from MS, so it seemed like a perfect fit to support because we need more research.

Jim Czekner: I have a loved one with MS, and so I’ve been looking for a way to participate. I joined a board about a year and a half ago or so, and since then, I’ve been learning about being on this and how I can help make a new path. I think Dr. Greenstein is bringing hope to people like me and our families.

Dr. Jeffrey Greenstein: The MS Research Institute, which I founded and run, is a nonprofit research institute. Neither I, nor any of the other people, works for MSRI other than as a volunteer, except for our full-time lab people.

The research is designed to try to understand what the cause of MS is, and to try to see if we can improve treatments for the disease. We’re learning to some extent as we go along in developing it, but it in animals has turned out to be safe and is quite promising for future developments in human treatment and we’re hoping to partner with a pharmaceutical company to really take on the burden of moving it to the point that it can be tested clinically.

Announcer: On Sunday, March 17, 2019, a number of former Flyers, organized by Brian Propp, put together a hockey game fundraiser, held at the Flyers practice facility, in Vorhees, New Jersey.

Brian Propp: We’ll mix up the team so that everyone gets to play with the line. So, there’s 2 teams, 30 players, and 4 goalies.

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